This decision to run was not taken lightly, as it is a significant time commitment for a volunteer position. Given that I no longer have children in the school system, it was a bit surprising to me that the community asked that I consider the role. However, after face to face meetings with:

Three D38 Superintendents

Two D38 High School principals

Two Student body teams (on from each High School)

Three board members

Multiple D38 teachers

Charter school advocates

Retired, fixed-income individuals

Retired D38 faculty

Home school families

Private school families

School board members, administrators, and teachers from Florida, Alaska and Northern California and other parts of Colorado

… it became clear that I can make an impact and deliver lasting results in solving some of the challenges D38 faces.

Quality graduates = Quality contributors to our Community and Country.

Ron's bottom line... is to keep doing what works well, fix what isn’t, and to build and execute on a plan that gives the district the capacity to be successful well into the future… as the students’ success is our future.