Meet Ron...

Ron has been a Board of Education Director for 4 years. He did not take that responsibility lightly and spent a considerable amount of time investigating how he can make an impact within Lewis-Palmer School District 38 and the school board.  After months of meeting with district and community leaders, he came to the following conclusions:

  1. He cares deeply about our country and that begins with our youth.
  2. His kids had a wonderful experience in Lewis-Palmer School District 38 and would like to ensure the next generation of kids have the same… they deserve it.
  3. The world is changing around us and the school system needs the agility and operational capacity to evolve while maintaining its academic excellence.


Ron and his wife of +30 years, Tamara, have been residents of Monument for 31 years.  Tamara and Ron have two adult children, Brent and Lindsey. Both children spent their entire educational lives in Lewis-Palmer D38 schools and are serving their county and community as professionals.

Ron has spent 40 years in the technology field, specifically in sales leadership, operations, and new line(s) of business development. His fiscal responsibilities were in excess of 200M annually.  He is currently the principal of Black Ink Services, a property manager, and a professional coach to several young professionals.

Ron has been active and generous with his time and expertise in the Monument community since his arrival here in the 1990's. He has volunteered in Veteran’s nonprofits, youth sports, scouting, as a Cadet Sponsor and TAP instructor for over 25 years.

As a long-time community member, Ron has had the privilege of watching our community and district grow and thrive. Today, we are facing formidable challenges that require a unique perspective to drive results-oriented actions. Ron will continue to provide Lewis-Palmer School District 38 with results-driven thinking, and tools to ensure the ultimate goal of D38 graduates becoming quality contributors to the community of their choosing.

Ron's bottom line... From everything I’ve learned during this process, it has become clear that a successful school board requires members with Passion, Integrity, Energy and the fortitude to Execute.