Living in the community for over 30 years, supporting two children, with learning challenges, through the D38 school system, and serving on the Board of Education … I understand how we get things accomplished.

My professional background in organizational leadership, fiscal accountability in excess of 200M, and individual achievements have prepared me well to serve as both an influencer and a champion of lasting results. I truly understand the value of agility and process… and where it is best applied.

One area of particular interest is to explore new paradigms in how we deliver results… finding several “yes” alternatives to give our professionals the option to pick what best suits their scenario.

All of the research I’ve done in listening to our customers and stakeholders has taught me that our community is smart, logical, driven, cares about quality education, and agrees on what student success looks like.

The measurable results we have delivered in the last 4 years are a testament to what passion, teamwork and timely execution can achieve. This pace and attitude must continue.

My job is to focus on these foundational elements, to build things we can do well together, and to get them done!




Ron's bottom line... Thomas Edison once said: “Strategy without execution, is an hallucination”. We will drive a strategy that is achievable, measurable and delivers lasting student successes.