As your future School Board Representative, I will….

  • Dive into the facts and drive lasting student outcomes regardless of the issues
  • Ensure the safety of our students and staff is not compromisable nor negotiable
  • Unify the stakeholders and the District as they deserve both a quality next generation and secure property values that a strong school district supports

As I listened to various stakeholders within the D38 community, I was able to identify 5 key issues and challenges that are currently top of mind:

  1. Talent drain in the District
  2. Bond Ballot Initiative for new school construction
  3. Student /Faculty safety
  4. Teen suicide
  5. Community trust in the District’s ability to be good stewards of their money



Ron's bottom line...... Each of these priorities, if successfully addressed, will yield a higher level of quality graduates that generate a valuable impact on our community and country.