As your Second-Term School Board Representative, I will….

  • Dive into the facts and drive lasting student outcomes regardless of the issues
  • Ensure the safety of our students and staff is not compromisable nor negotiable
  • Unify the stakeholders and the District as they deserve both quality next-generation and secure property values that a strong school district supports

As I listened to various stakeholders within the D38 community, I was able to identify 5 key issues and challenges that are currently top of mind:

  1. Physical Safety
  2. Teacher compensation
  3. Job-ready graduates for those who choose not to attend 2 or 4-year higher education programs
  4. Fiscal credibility
  5. Continued innovation



Ron's bottom line...... Each of these priorities, if successfully addressed, yields a higher success rate of graduates,  and a quality work environment that generates a valuable impact on our community and country.